NBA Jersey Ads will work

A lot of people are upset about the idea the NBA has to put advertisements on their uniforms.

Some say it’s gonna turn the game into soccer (which is the most popular sport in history so not sure why that would be a bad thing). Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea. I mean.. soccer could be worse. Literally everyone else in the world seems to love it more than life itself. Not to mention, this strategy clearly works wonders. And not just in soccer. European Hockey is way ahead of its time in this department.


Boy do those jerseys look SHARP. The words cluttered, tacky, and embarrassing hardly even enter my mind.

But one thing that is undeniable = JERSEY ADS SELL PRODUCT. Anyone who thinks company names on jerseys don’t work, clearly is not familiar with youth Baseball in Bowling Green. Anyone who is familiar knows that ADS ON JERSEYS WORK.

How do I know this? I fucking lived it. Newlove Realty is a Real Estate powerhouse in Northwest Ohio. But how do you think it got that way? Hard work and dedication to their craft? A passion for home ownership? Hell no. Newlove Realty simply developed a top notch marketing strategy, and decided sponsor the best damn Pee Wee Baseball team in the city.

Not to brag, but I would argue that the Rich family alone is mostly responsible for building the Newlove Realty empire. I’m not saying we did all of it, but I’m pretty sure the neighborhood of Stone Ridge wouldn’t be around today if Newlove didn’t have the foresight to bring my Dad on as a young up & coming manager back in the early 2000’s. Newlove Realty was brilliant enough to hire a manager with 3 PRODIGAL children coming thru BG’s Pee-Wee league in succession. Everyone knows the coach get first dibs on his sons. It guaranteed Newlove Realty a solid 6+ year dynasty which not only was the greatest show in dirt, but managed to sell an average of 1 house per inning played (2 per inning when I was pitching). Have you visited Bowling Green lately? Newlove is KILLING THE GAME NOW. And it’s no secret why — just look at the generations of talent that came thru Newlove since my dad was hired.

And yeah. Just in case it wasn’t clear. I am using this NBA Jersey Logo thing as a way to brag about childhood sports. I got some dope Newlove Baseball pics on deck, and I’ll be damned if I don’t make them public. I look freaking adorable.

If I had the stats they would certainly be displayed in this blog as well. Just know I batted over .500.  Bottom line: With the Newlove Realty logo our chests, the Rich family has been selling houses and helping build the Bowling Green Community since I was 8 years old and got called up from Coach Pitch to make my Pee-Wee league debut in Right-Center Field. On that day, 71% of Earth was covered by water, but the rest was covered by John Rich. Since the first time I threw on the Newlove jersey, I’ve known that sports were about much more than just having fun. I had a job to do, which was to put food on the Newlove family’s table. That type of responsibility helped mold me into the man I am today. The type of man that drinks Rolling Rocks at 1pm and brags about himself playing youth sports. A GOD DAMN WINNER!

You’re welcome Newlove. You’re welcome Bowling Green. But most of all.. You’re welcome NBA. Enjoy your jersey ad profits.

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