Fan Mail Part 3: Smooth Jazz

Fan Mail is back with another round of John Rich responding to patriots. This particular patriot who emailed me has been betrayed by smooth jazz. His political views do not line up with those of his favorite smooth jazzists, and he reached out to me for guidance. I am the perfect man for him to […]

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Dead Cows Side of Road

Here is a disturbing video of 10,000 dead cows on the side of the road in Kansas. Please watch. Very sad scene. Even though 900,000 cows are slaughtered across the world every day for food (steaks, hamburgers, tacos), this video seems significantly more sad. Why is it more sad? It is because they were all […]

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General Talk: Burger King

Burger King is currently running a commercial offering 2 orders of chicken fries for $5. Each order has 5 chicken fries. Chicken fries are one of multiple chicken offerings on Burger King’s menu. Other offerings include chicken nuggets, chicken sandwich, original chicken sandwich (different than regular), and spicy chicken sandwich. Here’s a look at how […]

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Looking at Women at The Gym

This is why I refuse to look in the direction of women at the gym. About half the gym is filming their workouts nowadays. Catch me slipping one time, throw an “oh daaaaamn” or “yummy yummy” caption above my head and I’m instantly cancelled. I’ve been not looking at the same girl at my gym […]

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