General Talk: Burger King

Burger King is currently running a commercial offering 2 orders of chicken fries for $5. Each order has 5 chicken fries.

Chicken fries are one of multiple chicken offerings on Burger King’s menu. Other offerings include chicken nuggets, chicken sandwich, original chicken sandwich (different than regular), and spicy chicken sandwich.

Here’s a look at how Burger King’s logo has changed over the years

I’ve never seen the black and white logos before. Or this one from 1957-1969. It strikes me as significantly different than the rest of the logos.

This man is a royal. He has a crown, a powdered wig, blue knickers, and pointy shoes. There are no kings America so I have to assume he is British. Instead of a throne, he sits upon a burger.

Poppy Seeds

Burger King’s buns famously come with poppy seeds, but the but in the old logo does not appear to have them. Did Burger King not have poppy seeds on their buns back then? This logo suggests they did not, but I am not sure. They might have just not paid close attention to detail back then. Graphic design in the 1950’s was not what it is today.

The Whopper

The Whopper does not come with cheese, but it can be added. Per Wikipedia, American Cheese, Bacon, Mustard, Guacamole, or Jalapeño Poppers can be added upon request. I went through the drive thru and asked a low-level Burger King employee if they would add other things as well. He said yes unless you ask for something crazy then we might have to charge extra. I did not dive into what other crazy things I could have asked for.

What Did I Order When I Went There?

French toast sticks and black coffee

Do They No Longer Carry The Cini-Mini’s?

It appears they do not

Can You Walk Through The Drive Thru?

You’re not supposed to but if you go at the right time they might let you. I have never tried to do it. It would make me too uncomfortable. I’ve seen people do it though.

Will I Go Back to Burger King?

I am sure I will but I’m not necessarily in a rush to do so.

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