Fun Cities For Men That You Would Never Have Thought Of

The year is 2022. Where has the time gone? COVID happened. It’s something we’re still dealing with. America is changing. 10 years ago when men graduated college they moved to Austin, TX and worked a sales jobs until they saved up enough money to start a brewery. Nowadays, Austin is in California, and there are few if any houses (or even street corners) left to live on. So where does a young strapping man go to sew his wild oats? Here are 7 surprisingly fun cities where young men can make an honest living.

Medford, Oregon

Population: 82,098

Racial Makeup: 88% White

Nature loving men look no further than Medford, Oregon. Rogue River, Medford Railroad Park, Natural Bridge Loop, and Diamond Lake are just a few of the mind blowingly beautiful places to spend a day with nature.

If you are more of a city boy, downtown Medford is an exciting and inclusive place to eat, shop and play. Spend an Italian evening at Pomodori Osteria & Bar, or spend a Mexican evening at Elements Tapas Bar. If neither of those are quite your speed, try out Misoya Bistro for an Asian experience

Another fun thing about Medford is the forests surrounding the city have an unusually high rate of Bigfoot sightings. Get the boys together and take a Bigfoot tour to see the exact locations of some of the most high profile Bigfoot sightings in the Pacific Northwest. IF you’re lucky, you might see a Bigfoot of your very own

Texarkana, Arkansas

Population: 36,733

Racial Makeup: 55% White

Located directly on the boarder of Texas & Arkansas, Texarkana provides young men with the unique opportunity to be standing in 2 states at the same time. You can stand directly on the border with half your body in Texas and half your body in Arkansas.

Nightlife in Texarkana comes down to 2 incredible establishments: Village Station & Fusion Nightclub. Village Station is known for having the best drag shows in all of Arkansas. Fusion Nightclub is more of a place for people who are uncomfortable with drag shows.

If you feel like getting out of Texarkana for the day, take the 15 minute drive down the road to Fouke, Arkansas. Fouke is a fun time, as it is where the movie The Legend of Boggy Creek was filmed. For those unfamiliar, The Legend of Boggy Creek is a movie about a reported Bigfoot attacked in the 1800’s. Fouke is widely recognized as the Bigfoot capital of the Midwest.

Crescent City, California

Population: 6,733

Racial Makeup: 81% White

Moving to California is a pipe dream for some. Especially with the cost of living in most cities. Crescent City is no exception. There are currently 0 available listings in Crescent City on But if you can find a way to get there, I would recommend doing so. I went with my family once and it was spectacular. It is located right on the Pacific Ocean, so going to the beach is always an option.

Once you realize how cold northern California is in the winter, and how cold the Pacific Ocean is always, you can walk in the opposite direction of the beach to find tremendous hiking trails. Te most popular trial is known as the Bigfoot Trail. Even if you can’t find a Bigfoot yourself, there are plenty of spots along the trail where you can purchase Bigfoot merchandise from fellow enthusiasts.

Ashland, Ohio

Population: 19,225

Racial Makeup: 94% White

As larger Ohio cities such as Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati begin to fill up, men have found a nice middle ground in the central Ohio town of Ashland. Ashland has a little bit of everything – restaurants, bars, churches, golf course, movie theatre, etc. Grandpa’s Cheesebarn is a unique place where men gather late night to sober up with some cheeses before driving home. Gleaner Antique Shop is a shop where if you are lucky you’ll find a cool conversation starter to put on your shelf, or a cool conversation starter to put on your coffee table.

Oddly enough, in May of 2021, a woman leaving the gym heard a branch snap in the distance. She looked up and witnessed a tall creature standing over 7 feet tall covered head to toe in grey fur. It was far too large and moved far too quick to be a human. Famed Bigfoot Investigator Matt Moneymaker confirmed that this woman had likely encountered a Bigfoot.

Bloomingdale, Ohio

Population: 146

Racial Makeup: 100% White

Few men would ever think to make life in Bloomingdale, but there are 146 really fun people who live there. Located right off the Bloomingdale exit from Route 22, Bloomingdale is a place where you can make $40k a year working from home and retire by the age of 50. A spirited rivalry between the grocery stores on both ends of town makes for a competitive atmosphere at the annual slow pitch softball game.

On July 9, 2021, Jim Thompson noticed the 5 of his chickens were missing. The coop was full of feathers but there was no blood to be found anywhere. After doing a perimeter check, he noticed a footprint nearly 2 feet long and 1 foot wide. Later that month he came across 4 more footprints. Matt Moneymaker theorizes that this was the same Bigfoot spotted in Ashland, Ohio just 2 months prior. He was likely making his way to New York State

Batavia, New York

Population: 14,490

Racial Makeup: 86% White

If the Bigfoot seen in Bloomingdale was making his way to New York State, then there is a good chance he ended up in Batavia. Bigfoot’s have been sighted in Batavia in 1960, 1980, and most recently in 2006. That’s roughly every 20 years, which means we are nearly due for another sighting.

Batavia, New York is the halfway point between Buffalo & Rochester. If you fancy a game of chance, bet the horses or have a slap at one of the many slot machines at Batavia Downs Racetrack & Casino. On a hot or cold day, have a splash at Palm Island Waterpark. If you’re looking for other things to do, the New York State Information Center will point you in the right direction.

Inverness, Scotland

Population: 46,870

Racial Makeup: 98% White

Do you like to golf? With so many pro golfers leaving the PGA Tour for the league run by wealthy Saudi Americans, there are more open spots on the PGA Tour than ever before. Set up shop in Inverness and dedicate your life to the game. Inverness is home to some of the world’s most beautiful courses. Look no further than historic Inverness Golf Club for an unforgettable experience on the links.

Scottish pubs are places that never get old no matter how many times you’ve been to the same one. They are dark, dingy, smelly, and damp, yet extraordinarily charming. Some date back as far as the 1300’s. Traditional Scottish pubs serve warm beer.

Not a golfer? Luckily for you, Inverness is a short drive away from Loch Ness. As I am sure you are aware, Loch Ness is home to The Loch Ness Monster (aka Nessie). There have only been a handful of Loch Ness Monster sightings over the last couple of centuries. The brave man who is finally able to wrangle in Nessie will be a national hero.

Kathmandu, Nepal (India)

Population: 1,521,057

Racial Makeup: 0% White

If you’ve made it this far in the list, then you are a man who is looking for something different. Bars, restaurants, golf, and Bigfoot/Loch Ness Monster hunting doesn’t move the needle for you.

Have you considered Yetis? There have been multiple reported Yeti sightings by members of the Indian Army. Become a troop for the Indian Army. It might not be the difficult. Dedicate your life to defending the good people of India until you eventually capture a Yeti.

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