Squats For Free Bus Fair In Romania

If you are in Romania, you can receive a free bus ticket if you do 20 squats. It appears that you just stand in a designated spot on the ground, face the screen, squat 20 times, and a bus ticket comes out. Pretty cool idea. Seems like a good way to promote physical health..

There could however be consequences to this. Firstly, it begs the question – Are Romanian’s perverts? A hot girl doing 20 squats is subjecting herself to quite the ogling. This whole idea has “pervert disguising himself as a champion of public health” written all over it. I mean look at those pics. Ass city. You could snap pics all you want as well, and if anyone calls you out you can just be like, “Oh I’m sorry this is just the first I’ve seen this and I thought it was really neat.” But the woman would be facing away from you, so she probably won’t catch you either way.

If I we’re a Romanian perv, I would camp out on that street corner and view ass all afternoon. Here are some things I might yell at women while they’re squatting.

  • Frumos fund!
  • Ce-ar fi sa te ghemuiesti pe fata mea!
  • Faci caca cu fundul acela?
  • Vreau sa-mi ingrop fata in fundul tau
  • Iti voi plati biletul daca imi sugi pula

Watching girls squat on the street corner will gradually become a Romanian pastime. Men will fantasize about a situation where they end up having sex with a hot squatter. You could capitalize off this by renting out the street corner for a day and filming a Bang Bus style porno. Just park a van by the bus stop and have someone approach the “unsuspecting woman” mid-squat. Consider using one of these women:

You do some research and find out that the middle girl is named Jasmine Black. She has worked primarily with Blue Bird Films over the years, but she has been in the industry long enough that she has the funds to invest in her own video productions. After some tough negotiations, you strike up a deal with Jasmine to split the profits 50/50. Romanian porn industry standard is a 30/70 split, but she’s a consummate professional and you’ve had your heart set on her ever since you Googled “Romanian porn stars.” You don’t mind cutting her in for a little extra.

You meet Jasmine at the bus stop to film her having sex. In the porn, you go up to her and say, “Hey pretty lady! I see you’re doing squats instead of paying one Romanian dollar. Could you use some extra cash?”

And then she would say, “Well I have fallen on some hard times lately. I invested all my money in a Romanian cryptocurrency, but the other day it suddenly disappeared out of my account so now I’m stuck squatting for bus fare.”

Then you’d be like, “I have a way you could make some money. This is my van parked right here”

Then she’d say, “Oh ok, well why don’t I get into the back of the van with you and we can discuss whatever it is you are referring to.”

Then you’d both get into the back of the van and you would say, “Well now that we’re both in the back of the van,– ” you can use your imagination from here.

Also, how disabled do you have to be for a free bus ticket? And who determines if you are disabled enough? Does the machine just scan you and if you look handicapped it spits out a free ticket? If you really wanted to game the system you could probably fake it. Consider Johnny Knoxville in The Ringer where he fakes mental illness to compete in the Special Olympics. It should be easy to trick the machine into thinking you are not all there mentally

Go to the store and purchase Sketchers Shape-up’s and a bike helmet. Then you walk into a home for the mentally r—

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