Dead Cows Side of Road

Here is a disturbing video of 10,000 dead cows on the side of the road in Kansas. Please watch. Very sad scene. Even though 900,000 cows are slaughtered across the world every day for food (steaks, hamburgers, tacos), this video seems significantly more sad.

Why is it more sad?

It is because they were all neatly piled up along a country road for everyone to see. Usually, cow murder is done in a slaughterhouse that is far away from the public eye. These cows were very public and were blasted across the internet.

How did the cows die?

Heat stress

Why are none of the cows spotted?

That is a good question. In my experience, cows are usually spotted. The dead cows at this farm are all black.

Are different colored cows different races?

Yes. There is a lot of racial tension between cows.

Did the cows have names?

Probably not. It is not common practice to name cows that are going to be turned into meat. Dairy cows are more likely to be named.

If I had a cow what would I name it?

Mr. Hooves

Is that forklift being used to organize the dead cows?


Is using a forklift like that normal?

I think so because one time I was on a college trip and we went to a bison range where we watched a guy shoot a buffalo with a rifle so we could eat it for dinner. After he shot it he got on a forklift and scooped up the dead bison and drove it down the road to our campsite where some local teens made the bison into food. It was some of the best jerky I have ever had. We all took a bite of the bison’s raw heart because that’s what the Native American’s used to do. I think they did it for good luck and to honor the bison. I used to have a picture of me taking a bite out of the heart but I don’t have it anymore.

Didn’t Heidi Montag from The Hills do that once?


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