Introducing Fan Mail + Part 1: The Limeliters

I am happy to introduce a new series I am working on. I call it “Fan Mail”. It is a series of blogs where I reply to my fans. Before I get into the nuts and bolts of this, I wanted to give a little bit of background on myself. In particular, on my name.

For those who might not know, my name is John Rich. It’s been my name for my entire life. Not Johnathan. Full name John. I like it. I think it is a good name. However, I am not the only John Rich. There are a handful of us out here.

My favorite John Rich goes by @JohnRichTX on Twitter. He tweets dope cloud pics. I can’t compete with him. I have never photographed Mammatus anywhere close to as cool as these. My goal is to one day get him to retweet one of my cloudd pics.

There is a verified John Rich on Twitter as well. His handle is @JRich_FBee. It is a bad Twitter handle. Despite his verification, he has less followers than me (449). He hasn’t tweeted since 2019. I’m hoping this free plug will get him over that 450 hump.

But most importantly, there is a 3rd John Rich. You may have heard of him. John Rich is a country singer. He is best known for being in the band Big & Rich. I do not necessarily care for him. We disagree on things. Which is fine. Not everybody agrees on everything.

My real beef comes from his failure to acknowledge my existence. Despite our differences, I have been trying to get in touch with him for a few years now. To my chagrin, he has not yet written back.

He neglected my invitation to appear on my non-existent podcast as well.

John Rich is a very talented country singer, and I have come to learn he has a very passionate fan base. However, in my experience, his fans are not the brightest. I say this because several of these fans have reached out to me directly, mistaking me for him. From what I can tell, they somehow found my email through this blog-site ( I don’t know what about my blog (other than my name), would possibly make them think that I am him. Perhaps it was my 2022 Mock Draft where everyone drafted monster trucks.

Maybe it was this Yak World Trade Center meme that I made.

Or maybe it’s because I bought these cowboy boots in 2015 when I was living in Texas and wanted to fit in.

No matter the reason, I have at least 10 emails from avid John Rich fans. I reached out to John Rich giving him the opportunity to respond, but he blew me off yet again.

What is a John Rich like me to do in this situation? Although we have our disagreements, I decided to take the high road and help him out. John Rich’s look out for each other, and an honorable John Rich would NEVER leave his fans hanging. I took the liberty to respond to some John Rich fans in the way I thought John Rich would respond.

I’ll be posting the responses one at a time. As of now there will be at least 4 parts to this series. I have responded to 5 but I feel bad about one of them so I’m not sure if I will post it.

Part 1: The Limeliters

The first patriot who reached out to me is the LAST SURVIVING MEMBER of the LIMELITERS. Yes, you read that right. I was shocked and honored that someone of his stature would reach out to a good ol’ boy like me. This former Democrat expressed to me some concerns about the political party that left him long ago.

He is rare bird indeed. A man betrayed by his political party who has responded with a hard-hitting parody song.  I have nothing but respect for men who write parody songs. I’ve often said parody songs are more difficult than original songs because you are confined to the format of the song used by the original author. I took a listen to the Limeliters hit YouTube song 100 Men as well. I highly recommend it.

I addressed this man’s concerns, and gave a heartfelt review of his song.

I am yet to receive a response, but it felt good to respond to my first fan. Fingers crossed that I will receive a link to his parody song any day now.

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