Fan Mail Part 2: Royal Wade Kimes

Welcome to Part 2 of Fan Mail. Part 2 features our first response of the series. This American reached out to me regarding my interview with Meatloaf, and turned me on to a hot new country singer named Royal Wade Kimes.

Please take the time to view Royal Wade Kimes powerful music video.

Here are my 4 personal favorite shots from the video

My initial thoughts: clearly I love the song. If Royal Wade Kimes isn’t next up then I’ve lost faith in America. He has a powerful voice and an even more powerful message. I am thankful that this gentleman put me on to such an artist.

However… in one of the many closeups of Royal Wade’s face, I noticed something deeply disturbing. I owed it to this man to let him know what I discovered. After I provided a quick & true anecdote about Meatloaf, I had to break the news to him about what I discovered.

I took no pleasure in breaking the news to him. Surprisingly, he does not seem concerned about Mr. Kimes Chinese hat. It does not seem like a press conference is going to be held anytime soon.

You try to help a good American out and they just spit in your face. Who are you to question my jeans? If he wants to play hardball, I can play hardball too.

I regrettably did not receive a response to this last email. I imagine he tucked his tail between his legs and logged off. Royal Wade Kimes, if you see this… you know what you need to do. Stop hiding from the truth.

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