Fan Mail Part 3: Smooth Jazz

Fan Mail is back with another round of John Rich responding to patriots.

This particular patriot who emailed me has been betrayed by smooth jazz. His political views do not line up with those of his favorite smooth jazzists, and he reached out to me for guidance. I am the perfect man for him to reach out to, as I can truly identify with him. I too have a hard time listening to the music of people I don’t relate to, which is why my personal playlist is 75% Kanye West.

Although I understood his feelings, I thought it foolish to dismiss the smooth jazz genre as a whole. I provided him with some perspective that will hopefully allow him to continue enjoying smooth jazz without compromising his personal values. I also pointed him in the direct of Royal Wade Kimes, a young up and comer who I just recently learned of.

Surprisingly I did not receive a response from this man. I just hope he took my advice to heart.

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