Yee-haw & buckle up because this one is a wild ride. Of all my fans, I think this guy has to be my favorite. When someone comes at you with a business proposal in all capital letters, you have to take him seriously.

Obviously this is a business opportunity that I, John Rich, will be taking seriously. All capital letters, ellipses that are 4-5 dots longs, a guy who has worked with many programs. He is certainly a man of business. I shouted back at him to let him know I was interested.

He responded promptly. Very professional. He was a bit more subdued this time.

I was originally disappointed that he did not continue shouting with me. Until I realized that attached to his response we’re 2 more responses in separate word documents. Attaching a response to your response is a strategy I am unfamiliar with. I clearly have a lot to learn about motorsports marketing. His attachments did not disappoint. He raised his voice once again.

In his next attachment he introduced me to 10 TIME WORLD OF OUTLAWS CHAMPION AND10 TIMES KNOXVILLE CHAMPION DONNY SCHATZ. I believe he is pitching Donny Schatz as a spokesman for me? I’m not totally sure, but if that is the case then sign me up.

After thoroughly reviewing the documents, I shouted back even louder. Very interested in the commemorative bottles.

As you could see my research team did some digging and our fan bases do greatly overlap. The Venn Diagram tells it all. The opportunity to team up with this man is something I do not want to pass up. As long as he is able to provide a commemorative bottle large enough to suit my needs.

To be honest, I thought this would put an end to the conversation. But I was wrong.

The amount of “Americas” in those last couple of sentences is shocking. I didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the email until he followed up with pictures of the bottles. I need to know if he can get me a 4 foot tall commemorative bottle.

I’m afraid there has been a miscommunication somewhere along the line. I requested 4 foot tall bottles but that is not what I am seeing here in this picture. I could lay into him for this. Did he even read my email? Does he not care about my needs as a customer? Doesn’t seem like it. But he’s a true American. I’m a true American. So I explained it to him in terms a true American would understand.

I’m not waiting for a response to this one. If he gets back to me I’m just gonna let it go. At a certain point I don’t feel good about doing this, and I’ve already probably crossed some sort of legal line. Especially if he actually goes out of his way to start making bottles. I already might be de-activating this email address soon. This will have to do. But holy shit… God bless this man.

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