Looking at Women at The Gym

This is why I refuse to look in the direction of women at the gym. About half the gym is filming their workouts nowadays. Catch me slipping one time, throw an “oh daaaaamn” or “yummy yummy” caption above my head and I’m instantly cancelled.

I’ve been not looking at the same girl at my gym for over a year now. She wears very little clothing while doing obnoxious workouts that involve spontaneously sprinting across the gym. I go to the gym at the same time as her multiple times a week. I’ve been aggressively not looking at her for so long now that I think she’s taken notice. In the middle of one of her sprints the other day, she stopped no more than 6 feet away from me and ripped some burpees right in my face. I immediately turned left and walked aimlessly in the opposite direction. Good try toots. I’ve noticed she is extremely friendly and talks to pretty much every other person who goes there. But not me. Never me. I won’t be acknowledging her any time soon. She’s probably a really cool person too, but it’s not a risk I am willing to take.

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