General Talk: Women’s Basketball HOF Induction

The Women’s Basketball HOF Induction Ceremony was on TV Saturday, June 6th. Some of the girls are pretty good looking. Others were less good looking but were in good physical shape. I don’t mean that as a slight to Women’s Basketball, that is just how the world works. Some people are very attractive, some people are not, and others are in the middle. There were some girls who I’m sure some people would find attractive, while others would not. Different strokes for different folks.

I noticed it was not specifically called the WNBA HOF Induction Ceremony. They include college basketball and overseas basketball players/coaches.

One woman compared her life to an ongoing game of women’s basketball (she just called it basketball). She made a good analogy about how you need to keep the ball bouncing. That same girl told a story about how she had her life saved by a lifeguard when she was young. She was drowning in a pool, and a lifeguard named Michelle saved her by literally breathing life back into her body. It was pretty touching. I did not catch her name.

I did catch the name of the next person. It was Doug Bruno. Doug has coached DePaul women’s basketball for over 30 years. You can tell his voice is shot from a lifetime of yelling at women. You can’t get away with yelling at women in many other professions. Imagine if I lit up our Quality Manager Danielle C. because she was late coming back from lunch.

Danielle C. – Quality Manager

I just remembered that I have a WNBA fantasy basketball team this year. I was trying to keep up with it but it just dawned on me that I haven’t set my lineup this week. Let’s have a look at how my matchup is going.

Luckily, I have the lead still. I added a few more players who have games tonight to be safe. Looks like Team Booker didn’t set her lineup either. The Lady John’s should pull this out as long as I remember to sub in some players tomorrow morning.

I’ve noticed that there is not a deep crop of centers in the league. At least not from what I can tell. I was psyched when I picked up the 3rd ranked center in the league off of waivers. I put her in my lineup and she had very few points. I should have looked at her scoring history but I just saw the #3 ranking and got excited. I dropped her the next week. I think the top 2 centers are pretty good players though.

Revisiting Yelling At Women

I yelled at a woman one time.

Situations where you can yell at a woman:

  • She is far away
  • She’s crossing the street and her head is down in her phone. A semi-truck is barreling down the road. The driver is cranked out of his mind and doesn’t plan on stopping. Yell or scream at the woman so she knows to get out of the way
  • You are at a concert and it’s really loud so the only way she will hear you is by yelling
  • She is hard of hearing (i.e. deaf)
  • She is a ghost that is haunting you
  • She is a black bear. If she is a brown bear or grizzly then you should play dead.
  • She is doing something extremely fucked up and you need to get her to stop. It would have to be really bad though. Like harming another human or animal. If it’s only a little bad then you should use a calm yet stern voice
  • She started it

Update On My WNBA Fantasy Team

I forgot to set my lineup the next day. Tough loss.

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