Drunk at LaQuinta Dallas

4 Corona’s and a Xanax bar is a hell of a time. I’m just now coming to the realization that social media was made for getting drunk alone. You guys watching this Panthers v Islanders game? 4 goals in the 1st period. Great stuff. One goal per Corona, and one Jagr fight per Xanax bar.

My favorite part about this blog is that most people who read it will probably have no fucking clue what I’m talking about. My second favorite part will come the morning when I get really embarrassed about what I wrote and debate whether or not I should leave it up.

I was offered gay sex today. The valued guest in the conjoined room next to me at the La Quinta Inn & Suites asked me if I liked to party. I had a whole night ahead of me so I figured why not right?…. But then… the guy started talking about breeding. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what breeding means? Maybe… Either way I asked him to explain. I don’t remember his exact answer, but the phrase, “your dick in my ass” was thrown out there. I pride myself on being open to new experiences, but unfortunately I had to turn this gentleman down

I’m in Dallas, TX right now for a job interview. Not to brag or anything. But a portion of my interview was conducted in a conference room that included beers and a putting contest. That’s some Mad Men shit right there.

I don’t have the motivation to give my full Las Vegas/Dallas weekend story right now, but JohnRichTV has been slacking lately, so I’ll leave you to enjoy this video of Garth Brooks talking about Facebook until I get my shit together.


P.S. The “Full Story” involves buying Percocets from a man in an Elmo costume. Stay tuned.

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