Will Smith: Killer Pun. Sorry about this one..

I apologize for writing this guys, but I just couldn’t help myself.


I really don’t want to make light of Cardell Hayes’ murder of former Ohio State Buckeye & New Orleans Saints (remember that) DE Will Smith I really really don’t. I stress to you that I do not feel good about myself for this blog. But I simply can’t not comment on a NEXT LEVEL PUN when I see one. I consider myself a connsieur of puns. I make them and point them out on a daily basis. ‘No pun intended’ is one of my favorite things to say. But in all my days, I have NEVER heard a pun as savage and as mic drop worthy as this bomb dropped by Cardell Hayes’ Defense Attorney Tanzanike Ruffin.


Smith had a gun and was going to shoot it and Cardell may have saved both of their lives,” attorney Tanzanike Ruffin said. “In my mind, this is justifiable homicide. We assume Will Smith is a SAINT but he’s not.” -(ProFootballTalk.com)

Holy shit. I mean… Wow. Tanzanike Ruffin just put the entire pun community on notice. How can something at the same time be the most innappropriate and most appropriate thing I’ve ever heard? I don’t even know if she intended the pun or not, but boy does it hit hard. I don’t know how the prosecution is gonna recover from this one. If only Cardell Hayes played basketball for Washington in the early 90’s. Then their rubuttle could be, “Guns don’t kill people, Bullets do.”


I’d write more on the subject, but I genuinely don’t feel good about doing so. Cause if I go any further with this, I’m gonna start making Fresh Prince of Bel-Air puns that will be in extermely poor taste.

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