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Meet Travis Greene. If you aren’t a BGSU Falcon, and you’re not a fan of MACtion, you may not be familiar with him. But it’s criminal if you aren’t. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this guy doesn’t get more national attention. Dude came into college as an undersized Wide Receiver, then converted to the best Running Back in the damn conference. He’s achieved permanent ‘Hold My Dick’ status in the MAC. Darius Jackson and Kareem Hunt hang posters of Travis Greene in their fucking dorms (that’s an inside MAC baseball reference for ya right there).

Real Talk tho. Travis Greene has low-key been putting every defense in the nation on ice skates for 3 full years now. He haunted the dreams of every Safety & Linebacker in the MAC, and half of the Big 10. But seriously, Purdue’s defense could not have laid a hand on this guy if they were all together in the same phone booth. I was going to go thru these highlights to pick out his best runs for y’all, but it’s literally impossible to choose. Dude brings heat Every. Single. Touch.

POWER MOVE ALERT: First Highlight. MAC Championship. Travis Greene shakes #24 out of his jock. Scores a touchdown. High fives our Athletic Director in the Endzone. Goes on to win game MVP.

Nobody cuts like him. The acceleration is mind bottling. He hit’s holes that aren’t there. His spin move is straight up NCAA 14 B-button status. He’s mastered the subtle head/eye fakes. He’s got that high-step/stutter-step moved down pact, which is the most gangster move a running back can pull. Then as soon as you think he’s about to cut on you, he’ll drop the shoulder and just throw you out of his way. He runs so strong for his size. I used to see the dude on campus every day, and I’m telling you, has him at a GENEROUS 5’10”.


Travis Greene was by far my favorite player to watch play football while I was at Bowling Green, and he’s gonna be my favorite player to watch in the NFL too. I know you think I’m biased, definitely so, but I AM TELLING YOU this guy is gonna make waves in the league. It blows my mind that he doesn’t get more attention from NFL teams. As a Colts fan, I’d give up all of our shitty Running Backs to get these moves to Indy. You’d look great in white & blue Travis. Think about it.

If he gets a shot he’s gonna make it. As Desmond Howard says, he’s a Florida Stick Boy, so he’s got that goin for him. Plus he’s got THAT look. You CANNOT tell me he isn’t marketable. People are going to forget Troy Polamalu ever existed when Travis Greene inevitably signs with Head & Shoulders.

You can find this picture of Travis Greene in the dictionary under the word ‘Winner’

FullSizeRender (10)

Be sure to give Travis Greene a follow @Breakemdown_8 . If not, you’ll learn about him soon enough. I can’t say I know the guy personally, but based on what I’ve seen from him, he seems like a great dude.

Thank you for the Championships

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