Read before you talk shit about Pat McAfee because it’s probably not valid

I lost hard on Twitter last night.


Pat McAfee. Colts punter. One of my favorite players. Been killing the field position game for years. Love everything about the guy. He punts bombs. Hilarious on Twitter. Sometimes he swims around in rivers. And now he’s doing stand-up comedy. Fucking awesome.

Yesterday, on Twitter, I happened upon this post.


Now I didn’t click on the link to read any further into this. I didn’t even click the picture to zoom in on the full image. But considering you can go see 15+ full-time professional comedians at the Comedy Store for $20, or the great Bill Burr do a full show for $40. I thought this was a fair comment. Right??? Pat McAfee and his army of fans did not think so either.


See, if I would have clicked the picture, I would have seen this.


Damn. It’s an open bar. That’s not too expensive then.. Oh well, so I whiffed on that one. But still not too bad of a comment right??? Well remember when Pat said the show was for a good cause…



Well fuck me then.. Did I just shit on the ticket price of an open bar/cancer kids fundraiser. SURE DID. So much negative feedback








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