Yard Games Just Jumped The Shark

I love yard games. Played them all the time growing up. Always down to toss the bags.

One of my biggest regrets is not being a child during the golden age of Lawn Darts. Because there’s not nearly enough risk involved in modern day yard games.

I don’t have a single battle wound I can show people to prove to them my Cornhole prowess. Unfortunately, Lawn Darts are illegal now due to people being pierced in the scalp too frequently..


Yard games have still been a booming industry tho. Cornhole, Hillbilly Golf, Kan Jam, and some game called Kubb which is EXACTLY as fun as the video demonstration below implies.

Enthralling stuff.

Companies everywhere have been racing to invent the next great American yard game (probably). It’s a cut throat industry (maybe). But whoever created this one just jumped the yard game shark (definitely).




You know what I’ve always hated about Yhatzee? How small the dice and bucket are. And don’t you hate playing indoors on a table? Sometimes the stupid regular sized dice fall off the regular table then you gotta have the argument about whether the dice on the floor should count towards your Brothers 4 of a Kind and it’s a whole thing. But what if you had like a big paint bucket as your cup, and 5 huge inconvenient dice that you can only pick up one at a time? BOOM! THAT’S A YARD GAME!

Good luck finding someone who wants to play Yhatzee & be outdoors all at the same time. Those two activities do not go hand in hand. People seem to think you can just make something giant and suddenly it becomes a yard game.


Like Giant Jenga. Which I suppose is practical for heavyset Jenga lovers who’s fingers are too big to play regular person Jenga.. but not really. Plus, Giant Jenga doesn’t seem a lot safer than Lawn Darts. That girl is definitely about to get a Jenga related concussion.


Yard Dominoes is also garbage. But if you sit on the grass and play dominoes outside your legs will start to itch which might make the dominoes experience seem more authentic? Nah that’s a stretch..

Bottom line, a good yard game needs a real reason to be outside. If you’re going to make a variation on an indoor game, then making the game giant and putting it outside has to at least change the rules a little bit. Or else you’re just some ass hole who wants every car that drives by to know you’re playing Connect Four.





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