I hope this is me someday


Rumor has it that there is a man who once ran onto a soccer field, and has been steadily juking security guards out of their shoes to this day. This is that man.

I’ve been waiting for a sporting event streaker/runner to get away for so long, but it never happens. This man has finally done it. At least I think he did.

This dude is throwing stutter steps. Back steps. Stiff arm/swim move combos. He’s wearing shades too which makes the feat much more impressive.  He made 2 guards (defenders) run over each other like they were chasing my man Travis Greene or something.

Good for this guy. I would love to know if he actually did get away. Or if he just successfully joined/participated in whatever professional event was happening on the field at the time. Which reminds me to ask — What is the actual penalty for running onto a field? It’s not a felony is it? If I was interviewing someone to work in my office, and their resume led with, “I’ve ran onto the field of a major sporting event before”, that man is instantly hired. If the penalty is not much more than a fine, I’m gonna start paying friends to do this. We can make a competition out of it. As soon as you get over the fence, I’ll start the time, whoever goes the longest without being caught is the champion. I’ll even participate. It’s a top 5 sports fan challenge for sure.

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