Rough Time to be a Liberal Hoosier Fan

I’m too young to actually remember Bobby Knight coaching at Indiana University, but being a life-long Hoosier fan I love the guy. I really don’t know that much about him to be honest. But if your a guy who throws chairs onto the basketball court mid-game, I’m obviously gonna be a fan.


Side Bar about the show Parks & Rec. Everyone loves Ron Swanson right? Remember in the pilot episode where he has a huge Bobby Knight poster on his wall? WHO IS THE ASSHOLE THAT TOOK THAT POSTER OUT OF THE SHOW. Bobby Knight and Ron Swanson go together like John Daly and cigarettes. Maybe the only horrible decision Parks & Rec ever made.


But of course. With a character as great as Bobby Knight, there’s gonna be some bad with the good. And I gotta say, seeing this the other day got me rattled.


I can’t say I’m surprised. I mean, if you asked me who I thought Bobby Knight supported for President, I would have bet my car it was Trump. I’m sure Ron Swanson would too. I just didn’t want to know it. Or think about it ever. This is such a bad look for Indiana. Not just the university, but the entire state. Indiana is basketball. The most classic, blue-collar basketball state in America. Bobby Knight is essentially the face of all of that, and he basically just announced to the world that Indiana Hoosiers support Donald Trump. Are these the people I’m lumped in with now? I’m afraid so. I know nothing about politics. I’ll never claim to. But Trump is insufferable, and the fact that Bobby Knight is imploring people to vote for him… Shit.. I don’t know what to do now. Someone with pull at Indiana needs to come out strong against this. Tom Crean where you at?! Yogi Ferrell? Troy Williams? Troy Williams Mom? Somebody save Indiana! SOMEBODY CALL FOUL!!!

Last thing I gotta say on this. This whole thing went down this week. Like 2 days ago I think. Obviously I don’t support any of it, but Donald Trump and Bobby Knight missed a once in a lifetime opportunity… Just look what happened at Indiana University last weekend. Only a couple days before the Trump rally.

Hoosiers v Mexico in soccer? This happened? How on earth did Trump not think to stage a rally surrounding the stadium for this game. He could have had a simple demonstration where he built a nice wall around the stadium to keep team Mexico out, and Bobby Knight could have stood on top of the wall just hurling chairs down at them. HOW DID THEY NOT THINK OF THAT. Seriously guys, how can we expect Trump to run our country effectively if he can’t capitalize on this golden opportunity. Indiana soccer put a chance for some good ol’ fashioned racism on a tee for Donald Trump, and he didn’t even make contact.

Why don’t you just fuck and get it over with already


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