Jim Harbaugh vs. Ohio State Moms

Remember when the NFL draft happened a few days ago? A whole mess of Ohio State players got drafted early. Like half of the first round pretty much. One of the OSU players drafted, Eli Apple, somehow his mom, Annie Apple, ended up getting wayyy more publicity out of it than he did. I haven’t even bothered to look into it. I think it has something to do with Roger Goodell and brownies. Not sure. I know she stole the spotlight somehow tho, cause I saw her name on Twitter a few times then I started following her.

Check it. @NFLNow doesn’t even give mention to Eli Apple. But they threw an @ his moms way @SurvivinAmerica – which is a very OG twitter handle by the way. This means Annie Apple was in the Twitter game early on. She’s a seasoned vet. Then you got her blasting shout outs to other Ohio State moms.

I love this actually. Really do. I’m not here to hate on Ohio State like I normally would do. I mean still, fuck them, but Annie Apple actually has a pretty hilarious Twitter account. One of my better follows now. Seriously hit her up @SurvivinAmerica

This article is about Jim Harbaugh and how out of control he is. He appears to be the most competitive person who has ever existed. Harbaugh took to Twitter today. Now, I can’t be sure if this is exactly how things transpired, but I’m pretty sure it went down like this: Ever since the NFL Draft, Ohio State started getting some shine. Ohio State mothers in particular are getting famous right now. So what does Jim Harbaugh do? He simply goes on the most aggressive Happy Mothers Day Twitter binge this world as ever seen.

YOU THINK YOU’RE THE ONLY UNIVERSITY WITH MOMS OHIO STATE!?!?! HUH?!!? NOT ON HARBAUGH’S WATCH!!!! I don’t think Harbaugh is even done with these tweets yet. He’s not going to stop until every mother of every University of Michigan athlete gets her face up on his social media account.

But how amazing does Jim Harbaugh make this Ohio State/Michigan rivaly? And Urban Meyer is the perfect counter part. Yesterday, Urban makes a pretty excusable mistake in not recognizing a recruit in the hallway or something, which yeah, it looks bad, but the dude meets a thousand people a day, hard to be too tough on him for that. Either way, Urban gets blasted for that, and Harbaugh has the foresight to know when to take advantage of a situation. For the next however many years, anytime anything newsworthy comes out of Ohio State, you can bet your bottom dollar that Jim Harbaugh comes back with a way over the top rebuttal. This rivalry is about to go next level. I’d be surprised if Urban Meyer and Jim Harbaugh don’t end up fist fighting on the 50 yard line mid-game at some point, because that’s the direction this is heading. When players’ moms start getting into the middle of a college football rivalry, you know things are about to go off the rails.

Of course, the only way this ever really takes off is if either of these teams can get passed the Indiana Hoosiers in the regular season. Cream & Crimson fo’lyfe.

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