2 Reasons why Steph Curry is ruining youth basketball

  1. Steph encourages children to shoot deeps 3’s. Young players should not be shooting long distance at a young age. In order to shoot 3’s , young ballers need to shoot with poor form (from the sideish kinda like a shotput/heave) in order to get the ball to the hoop, because they don’t have the strength to get the ball to the rim properly yet. They should be learning how to drive to the hole and make layups in traffic. Just look at the video below. Kid is 11 years old. He’s nailing 3’s, but look at that form. He’s not fully developed. He should be developing other skills at this age. His shot is gonna be shit in 5 years. This is mostly Steph Curry’s fault.

2. Steph makes Kids think that dribbling 2 basketballs at the same time is important. It’s not. The game is played with 1 basketball only. At all levels. Dribbling 2 basketballs prevents kids from developing a protective stiff arm to keep defenders at bay. Dribbling 2 balls is awesome. But it’s not practical. And it’s irresponsible of Steph Curry to set this kind of example for the youth basketball players of America.


P.S. Riley Curry is overrated. 


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