Chinese kids who climb 2,500-foot ladder to school may get stairs: MY THOUGHTS

What is this teaching our children? That life is gonna be as simple as putting one foot in front of another? That’s not how it works. In order to be successful nowadays you need to climb the corporate ladder — and what better metaphor for these kids than to have to climb 2,500 feet up a vertical cliff to get to school every morning. Such a great life lesson for the youth of China. If you wanna be successful, you gotta put the work in — knowledge doesn’t just fall into your lap, you need to earn it. The ladder definitely weeds out the frauds, and let’s the real learners shine. Those who go to  class really wanna be there. Maybe this is why we owe China so much money. American’s are too lazy. We have fucking school buses that drive us directly to the front door of our air conditioned class rooms. That’s embarrassing. I haven’t had to climb a ladder to get to anywhere in ages. This is probably the case for most of you. We’re soft as a country. Let’s face it.

But what I love about this, is how much of a shot in the balls to the “back when I was a kid we had to walk 5 miles to school and back uphill both ways” crowd? ….”Yeah ok gramps, I literally have a 35% chance of dying on my legitimately lethally dangerous climb to school every morning. Unlike hills, going down is just as hard as going up. Wort case scenario for ladder climbing is death. Worst case for ladder/steps climbing is an embarrassing somersault that results in some minor cuts and/or bruises.

Also the ladder is made of Bamboo. So if a Panda ever figures that out the entire school population is going to fall to their death.

This is a sad day for ladders as well. Ladders are low key becoming extinct. Modern day technology has brought us scissor lifts — Scissor lifts are 100000x more fun than ladders.

Before long, ladders will be a thing of a past, and I hate to see that. I painted houses for a few months back in the day, so I feel nostalgic feelings towards ladders. I just don’t wanna see them go away for good. Ladders = America.

The saddest part is that Chinese kids are now not learning any lessons by having a cushy set of stairs just handed to them. If I would have had the privilege of climbing ladders to school every day when I was younger, I would certainly be more successful at this point in my life. I can’t possibly think of a better character building exercise than climbing a 2,500 foot ladder every morning in order to go learn things. I would have taken school so much more seriously had I had to do that. Because if you climb 2,500 feet up a ladder for anything, you’re gonna make it worth your while + you’ll be dreading the climb down all day too, so you’d never want to leave school. I would be scared not to learn. I could be SO MUCH SMARTER had I done that.

Poor move China. Figure it out.

弱 = weak
酱 = sauces

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