Speed Rankings: Most Underrated Lil’ Wayne Songs/Verses According to 24 year old white kid from suburban Ohio

Sometimes Lil Wayne raps fast . Sometimes Lil Wayne raps slow. Surprisingly, Speed Rankings don’t discriminate on that basis. Here are the most underrated Lil Wayne songs according to a privileged white boy from suburban Ohio. SPEED RANKINGS. LETS GO.


THE CANNON! Nuff said. This is the song that turned from from Carter 3 type Wayne to real savage Lil Wayne that made him what he is today.  This song is what originally what sent me down the underground Lil Wayne You Tube rabbit hole.

Madden 08

To be honest I only recently learned about this song after that story about Lil Wayne and Birdman betting millions on simulated Madden games came out. But this song absolutely slays from start to finish. Idk where the song came from. Speed rankings don’t have time for that type of research. But he switches up styles and everything. It’s pretty great. Great sports references, and GREAT Madden video games references as you might imagine.


Upgrade U

This song is fire throughout, but it also low-key has some of the greatest lines/bars Lil Wayne has every droper.

“Leg hangin out the window you ain’t got these on” – a great excuse to hang your leg ou the window

“We Are Young Money Bitches And I Am The Lee-Dor — He Are Currency Mac Maine And Bboy And I Just Signed — A Chick Named Nicky Minaj” This song predates the rise of Nikcy Minaj by a year or so, so in hindsight, this is kind of a cool look inside of of the rise of Young Money, which is now and empire. I think. Actually if you told me they went bankrupt tomorrow I would probably believe you. Either way. Go Weezy Go.

Another great line, which is super biased because I love hockey comes at the end of the song.. “It’s A New Game And I’m The Coach Like Avery — Leave It To The Flow We Getting Doe Like A Bakery — I Don’t Really Want To But These Niggas Making Me — Put A Motherfucker On Ice Like The Maple leaves — That’s A Hockey Team And I Ain’t On No Hockey Tea — But I’m A Champion Where’s The Fucking rocky theme?” When I was a Junior in high school, I used to dream about using this quote as a Facebook picture caption for a picture of our hockey team hoisting up the state trophy. Never happened. I’ll always regret that.


Bottom of the Bottle

To be honest I feel like Weezy is making a bit of a comeback. But I can’t say any of the songs are underrated. They’re blasted all over the radios all day. But Lil Wayne drops a verse at the end of this CurrenSy song that I don’t think enough people are recognizing. Very catchy. Different than most Wayne. I like it a lot.


Told Yall

I remember this being the first song I heard a friend rap all the words too and was really impressed by. I spent month’s until I could do it myself at a party and it certainly wasn’t as cool when I did it. Regardless, I’m still proud of myself for knowing these lyrics to this day. I’m still waiting for my first compliment on it tho.

P.S. The lyrics shown in the video below are BRUTAL. Gotta listen for yourself if you really wanna learn.

The Other Side

“I call my nina bay like San Diego.” – Lil Wayne coins the word “bae” here. Even though he’s using a different spelling I guess. But clearly spelling doesn’t matter in the world of song lyrics. Especially in Lil Wayne’s lyrics.


Sky is the Limit

Maybe this song isn’t underrated enough for this list, it’s fairly mainstream song considering it came from a mixtape. But I do feel like people forget about this song sometimes, because the OG Mike Jones version banged so hard as well.

Loud Pipes (Lil’ Wayne verse only)

This song has actually always been a joke to be and some of my friends because of the hilarious hook — “Loud pipes big rims, wodie that’s out life”. But Lil’ Wayne comes in with an undeniably hot verse at the end, and I’m pretty sure he was like 16 at the time which makes it all the more impressive


Dr. Carter

Most weirld unrecognized song from the Carter 3 in my opinion. Definitively a different style than the rest of the album which makes it different, but I think it goes widely unrecogonized. Also the vision of Lil’ Wayne walking around in a doctor’s coat diagnosing patients is pretty interesting.

Back on my Grizzy

Although this is a sample from some other song that I don’t care about. This is Lil Wayne at his best in my opinion. Start to finish. A few more cliches. Fire. Heat. Smoke. Bars. etc. etc. It’s one of those songs that when you hear it you’re like “oh yeah this sounds familiar I like this”. Which is a good thing. Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.


Dough is What I Got

Yeah I know he’s biting style a bit here. But I feel like a lot of people forget that Lil Wayne covered Show Me What You Got. And in my opinion, Lil Wayne put Jay-Z in a coffin on this beat. If you ask me, if you get murdered this bad on your own beat, you should just have to give over the rights to the song to the guy who beat you. If you can get beat this bad at your own song you don’t deserve ownership of it.

Kobe Bryant

People don’t often remember that Lil Wayne wrote a song about Kobe Bryant. Especially most people don’t realize it bangs. A lot of great sports references, which I’m very partial to. I like to think that Lil Wayne is truly as much of a sports fan as he portrays. It’s also possible that he’s a part owner of the Packers.


In general, I don’t think Lil Wayne gets enough respect for experimenting with different types of music. Obviously I can’t fit everything in here. It kills me to narrow it down as much as I have. But for exampe, I Feel Like Dying was a fantastic song. Not under-appreciated. But you can’t say Lil Wayne wasn’t original when he was throwing shit out like that. Aside from that, every collaboration Lil Wayne as done with Robin Thicke has been gold, and should not go unrecognized. The songs individually don’t necessarily fly under the radar. But I’m sayin we should push for a Robin Thicke / Lil Wayne album. That would be off the charts. I also like Prostitute Flange a lot. It should be on all of your sex playlists. It’s been top 3 on mine for years, and it never disappoints. Actually, these three songs should all be on your sex playlists. And if you don’t have a sex playlist then your living life wrong. Figure it out..


Pretty Little Heart


Prostitute Flange


P.S. I wanted to throw some No Ceilings songs in here too, but 1) I think that mixtape is pretty fairly rated & 2) I couldn’t possible narrow No Ceilings down to just 2 or 3 songs.


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