Why Apple TV is Garbage

It’s madness that the world just accepts how neglectful and inconsiderate Apple is with their TV remotes. It’s downright irresponsible. There are a total of seven different clickable spots on the remote. But not a single fucking home button.


The remote sucks. How can a remote have too few yet too many unnecessary buttons all at once . I hit ‘menu’ to go back constantly, but it only takes you back one space and I can never get back to the actual main channel. Then when I finally get my way back to the search box, I have have to use arrows to select letters off of a screen to search for shows like damn Amish person. Why is there not a keyboard or anything of the sort attached to the remote. Why is Apple so obsessed with making things small and inconvenient. Probably so people lose or break their Apple TV remotes out of frustration so then they have to buy a new one since Apple on a monopoly in that area.

Next, If I select the 1st episode of season 4 of Always Sunny, when that episode ends, it should automatically play the 2nd episode of the season. Sometimes it does do so correctly, but I’m not a billionaire, so i share a Netflix account with like my whole family plus 3 or 4 girls I’m trying to sleep with. So if someone watched half of that 2nd episode, it’s gonna pick up where the last person left off, and ask me if I want to”continue the episode” or “start from the beginning”. So then I need to open my eyes, find the remote, hit the ‘circle’ or the ‘>||’ (still can’t remember which), and hope the show start’s again so I have my white noise to fall asleep to — Because when I fall asleep with my Apple TV on, which I always do and always will until the day (pre-apologies my possible future wife). This thing pops up on my TV screen that says, “are you still watching” OBVIOUSLY I’M FUCKING NOT OR ELSE I WOULD HAVE ANSWERED WITHIN THE FIRST 5 MINUTES. So WHY THE HELL do you leave that notice on all night leaving a nice big square burnt into the middle of my TV screen. A TV screen I’m subletting by the way. So Apple TV may actually be costing money on my security deposit. I’m not happy with Steve Jobs right now.


Also there’s no YouTube. YouTube should be free, and should be a staple on Apple TV. it’s not like Apple doesn’t have the technology to have a YouTube. But no… Apple TV has to have apps like Young Hollywood, Feeln, KORTV, Willow, MLS, The Scene, Tastemade, Made to Measure, Disney, Disney Junior, Disney XD. Do you get my point!? WHY IS THERE NO YOUTUBE. It’s inexcusable.

Furthermore, rewinding takes unproportionally long. If I just watched an episode of the Office, and 13 minutes into the episode, I want to rewind the show 30 seconds. The act of rewinding + restarting the show 30 seconds takes a full 2-3 minutes. That doesn’t sound long, but c’mon Apple TV, you already have the episode loaded. What’s going on there? Sometimes people need to quick rewind things they missed so they can take pirated videos of their phones and put them on their blogs. I just wish they we’re a little more considerate.


Apple TV has some work to do if it ever wants to be Xbox/Netflix levels

P.S. It’s likely I’m able to download more apps for the Apple TV. But Apple should know what I want already. I’ve given them enough private information…




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