For the most part, my blogs are all a joke. Rarely do I write about something serious. Pretty much all of the “content” I put out is caked in layers of irony and sarcasm. But today I wanted to write about something and someone who is important to me.

hometown rapper

I’ve seen several variations of this quote in different places on the internet. I’ll admit, I laughed when I saw it. It is pretty funny.

Now I’ll be the first one to tell you that you shouldn’t take anything you read on Twitter too seriously. Pretty much everything is a joke, and rarely is anything personal. However, I don’t love what the tweet represents.

For whatever reason, our society loves to shit on people who put themselves out there, and try to do something creative. Going to college and getting a “regular job” is what you’re supposed to do. Any deviation from that is considered stupid and irresponsible, because such an insanely small percentage of people can make a career out of music, comedy, writing, etc.

“What are you doing that for? Are you trying to be famous or something?”

Well yeah if you can make a career out of it that’s fucking amazing. That’s the dream. But what if you don’t? Does that make it a waste of time? I believe that people think that way in general, and it really is a shame

We shouldn’t stifle creativity. In 2015 I quit a job that was paying me more than I’ll probably ever make to move to Los Angeles and do standup comedy. Nobody told me it was a good idea. I spent one year out there, then moved back to Ohio. I didn’t become famous. I did a handful of cool shows. I opened up for some low level comedians. I never got paid. However, I was able to get on stage every night and say whatever the fuck I wanted to an audience of people. Sometimes they even lauhged. Sometimes they laughed hard. Sometimes they looked at me like I was the least funny person to ever walk this earth, and walked out in the middle of my set.

It was awesome. I had fun. I liked doing it. It fulfilled the creative side of me. Maybe I’m not as far along in my career as I would be if I hadn’t move to LA, but I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

So this brings me my topic. My good friend Andrew Cubberly (aka Cubbz). We went to the same high school, but never knew each other until I moved to Los Angeles, and he happened to be there at the same time. I was trying to write and do stand-up comedy. He was trying to rap and get into the music industry. We’ve been friends ever since. This blog is about him and his music.


First off, do you know how much balls it takes to put yourself out there like that? Not many people have what it takes. I will never begrudge anybody who does something creative with their life. For any of my friends who want to do anything like this, I’ll have your back and support you and pump your shit up 110%.

And for the record, I legitimately think Cubbz is good as fuck. I am genuinely impressed every time he sends me his new stuff. He’s really talented. Everything he raps he wrote on his own. His verses come from his life and his past experiences. His metaphors are spot on. He clearly knows how to rap on beat, and has a fundamental understanding of how to make music. Most people don’t have an ear like that. The kid can actually rap is what I am trying to say.



Check out this rap to the beat of the Stranger Things theme song. It’s probably my favorite thing he’s ever sent me. I swear it’s better than a lot of what you’ll hear on the radio.

Stranger Tings – Cubbz


Keep in mind, this isn’t something that he just rolls out of bed and does. Cubbz has been rapping on and off since high school. I can’t speak for him, but I imagine that he’s written more songs that he can even remember. It’s not easy to write and perform a rap. Trust me I’ve tried and it’s extremely difficult. It takes a lot of time and patience. Once he has a verse written, it takes days and days of practice to get the cadence and the breathing right so that the song can be performed properly and on beat. He spends time in the studio making sure everything is perfect. He takes time with his videos to make sure they are cut up just right. He has a skill, and he’s better than most.

The fact that he does this is incredible to me. To create something totally from scratch, open yourself up to criticism, and share your passion with the world is fucking amazing.



I highly recommend you give him a follow and check him out. He was recently featured in four songs on an album by Rooftop Ruckus. The four songs are Oh Well, Swimmy Hendrix, Lil’ Baddie, and Drip and Drop. The album titled, The Dark, is featured on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music (links copied below)

rooftop ruckus

Apple Music  /  Spotify  / Amazon Music

No matter what comes of this, I have a ton of respect for Cubbz and his music. Personally I hope he never stops rapping. So check out his music and give him a follow. Links to all his social media are below.

Instagram @cubbzlightyear

TikTok @cubbzlightyear

Twitter @cubbzlightyear

cubbz snap
Snapchat @cubbzlightyear

cubbz insta


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