Colored Profiling: Indigo (by Mitchel Weber)

I’ve sat idly by long enough and watched my colleague @JohnRichTV absolutely manhandle the color blog game, so I’ve finally decided to dust off my keyboard and try my hand at a color of my own. It was a difficult choice considering how many colors exist in the world, as well as how high John has already set the bar with these blogs. To avoid getting flustered or bogged down, I went back to my roots, thought about ROY G. BIV, and I’ve decided to tackle a color not many people know much about: Indigo. 

Admittedly, for the sake of this blog, I typed in “Indigo colored things” into the Google search bar because I not only had no clue what shade “indigo” truly was, but also no idea of any specific things that are indigo colored. Lo and behold, indigo is a much bluer hue than what I originally thought (a shade somewhere between purple and blue), as well as a color that I know is on a lot of different things, but I digress, let’s dive in further and discuss this mysterious color… 

Eggplants are considered to be indigo colored. While I myself have never had an eggplant (kind of a picky eater), I do know that they are often used as euphemisms for a penis within the Iphone imessage community. Oftentimes, this emoji is accompanied with a tongue and or water emojis to indicate some type of fellacio. Although I’ve never actually had eggplant, I feel like it would be delicious in some pasta! *Insert tongue emoji to further illustrate deliciousness here* 

Some grapes are also considered to be indigo in color. Grapes, when stepped on by a Frenchman, make wine. This is good to know if you’re thinking about becoming a sommelier anytime soon. If you’re interested in non-wine grapes, you can simply not step on them, and presto! You have non-wine grapes! 

I bet you didn’t know that some birds are indigo! The first one that may come to mind is the peacock. I don’t necessarily like the company of peacocks, I think they are pompous assholes who think they’re superior to other birds because of their feathers/colors. I recently took my fiance to the zoo for her birthday and near the concession stand, we encountered 2 peacocks. I wanted to box them, as they continuously encroached me and attempted to take my french fries without remorse, however Lindsey wouldn’t allow me to totally beat the shit out of those stupid, asshole birds. 

Stupid bitch

According to Wikipedia, in 2008, scientists discovered that a ripe banana glows indigo underneath a black light. There are also some other random snakes, birds, and mushrooms that are indigo, but the primary point here is the banana. Bananas are supposed to be yellow, green, or brown depending on how ripe they are, so the fact that scientists discovered they can also look indigo under certain decisions is a very important discovery. Blue bananas?! Whodathunk it? 

This concludes my provocative indigo blog. I hope it kept you (my audience) on the edge of your seat, clearly, but I also hope you took away some indigo knowledge today. When in doubt, just remember, peacocks, bananas, and grapes can all be indigo if you want them to be!

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