Coach K files for Divorce Following Final Four Loss to UNC

Coach K and his wife officially filed for divorce this morning following Duke’s 81-77 loss to North Carolina.

Krzyzewski and his wife Carol were married at the Catholic chapel in West Point on the day of his graduation in 1969.

Now that coaching basketball is behind him, Krzyzewski is ready to focus on getting a divorce.

Kryzewski is reported to have a net worth of $9.7 million. They have not signed a pre-nup. They have 2 dogs, so they will probably each get a dog.

Coach K is 75 years old. The average life expectancy for men in the United States is 79, but he hopes to live much longer.

Coach K and his wife both have hobbies other than basketball. They will both look to do some of those hobbies over the course of their remaining years.

They have 3 children. They are all adults. The divorce will undoubtedly have an affect on them, but probably not as much as it would if they were teenagers or children.

The Kryzewski’s currently live in Durham, NC. I don’t know if they will sell their house or not. Coach K is from Chicago so that is a place that would make sense for him to move if he wants to do that.

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