Thirsty Thursdays

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Remember Thirsty Thursdays back in college when you and your friends would catch a nice buzz and head out to the bars? But right before you would leave for the bars someone would say, “Let’s take a dab”, and in your head you’d think, “Every single time I get high before going […]

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Tricking Children

Got his ass. Kids want to be older so bad. The only good thing about getting older is that you get smarter. And even that isn’t really a good thing. Ignorance is usually bliss. But until you get older, adults are going to trick you on a regular basis. Tricking children into doing what you […]

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I Almost Got in a Car Crash

I went to Skyline Chili for dinner the other night. I brought my dog with me because he loves car rides. We went through the drive-thru. I ordered 3 coney dogs and fries. As I was driving away, I notice a strange homeless man sauntering around. His clothes were gross and ill-fitting. I thought he […]

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Dawson Dreams of Hibachi

Dawson grew up in an orphanage in Bethesda, Maryland. His father was in prison and his mother was in and out of prison. It was a sad orphanage full of kids who didn’t have parents but were hoping someday they would get them. Dawson had a few friends who he would race hot wheels or […]

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Barstool in Talks with Chicago Bean

With the pending expansion of Barstool’s Chicago office, reports say that Barstool has been in discussion with the Chicago Bean. The Bean is approaching the final year of its current contract and is reportedly looking for a change. “Barstool is a huge brand, and it’s definitely an interesting opportunity”, said the Bean’s representation. Barstool Sports […]

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