NFL Mock Draft

This mock draft includes grades and trades. 1.Jacksonville Jaguars – Ikem Ekwonu (NC State) – Defensive End Jaguars play it safe and shore up their defensive line. Ekwonu will look to set the edge in the AFC South for years to come. (Grade A-) ____________________________________ 2. Detroit Lions – Malik Willis (Liberty) – Quarterback Unsatisfied […]

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I Met Nick

I have decided to blog again. I decided to do so for 3 reasons. 2 weeks ago I was charged $120 on my Discover Card for my yearly Microsoft Office subscription 1 week ago I was charged $99 on my Discover Card for my yearly WordPress subscription to On St. Patrick’s Day weekend I […]

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Indiana vs. Ohio State Preview

What everybody is calling the game of the season will be played at Buckeyes Field this Saturday afternoon between #3 Ohio State , and #9 Indiana. NUMBER 9!!!! After Saturday, Ohio State will either have the same number of wins as Indiana, or 2 less wins than Indiana. Lines (via my shady California bookie) OSU […]

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Colored Profiling: White

Whereas black is the absence of all colors, white is the opposite or something like that. White is every single color being reflected all at once I am pretty sure. The Penn State Nittany Lion’s football helmets are white. You might remember Penn State as the University responsible for the second largest pedophile ring in […]

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Colored Profiling: Black

Black is actually not a color at all. It is the absence of color. But despite this fact, there is still a Black Crayola Crayon. The Black Crayola Crayon can be used to color and draw pictures of things that are black, including everything that will be mentioned in this blog. Black colored pencils, magic […]

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My Day With Jose Canseco

American Baseball Hero Jose Canseco has a history of inviting complete strangers from Twitter to spend a day with him for the low price of $1500. Remarkably affordable. I’ve fantasized about what a day with Jose would be like. If I had my druthers, this is how Jose and I would spend our day together. […]

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