Colored Profiling – Green

The color green is a color that I hold near and dear to my heart. I grew up in the town of Bowling GREEN. when I was a child my eyes were green (now more of a hazel). My brothers and I loved playing sports in our backyard on the green lawn. I’ve always wanted […]

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Colored Profiling: Orange is back with its first blog following a long hiatus. After a grueling 4 and a half month battle with COVID-19, I am finally feeling up to writing again. Today’s color that we will be profiling is the color of Orange. This blog will feature zero (none) Donald Trump jokes because that is low […]

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Colored Profiling: Blue

This edition of Colored Profiling featuring the color BLUE begins with a choose your own adventure. This blog comes with the background music of your choosing. You may choose the classic one hit wonder I’m Blue Eiffel 65, or the musical stylings of legendary blues musician Lightnin’ Hopkins with his smash hit Bring Me My […]

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Colored Profiling: Yellow

The color YELLOW is featured today in this edition of Colored Profiling. Yellow is a versatile color that errors on the girl side. People who are weak or scared are often referred to as yellow. Is this sexist? I personally think women are strong and can do anything men can do while only requiring 79% […]

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Colored Profiling: Red

This is the first installment of’s newest series – Colored Profiling We’ll be taking a deep dive into the world of colors. Colors such as red, blue, green, and orange will be featured (among others). If you have a color you would like to learn more about, sound off in the comments section. Today’s […]

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Bold Predictions For Next Year

I was feeling a little extra depressed today because I don’t do shit other than “work from home”, tweet, write blogs, and try to watch The Sopranos. I just can’t make it past the first couple episodes. I’m sure it gets good, but it just hasn’t grabbed me yet. All I really want to do is […]

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