Player Names for Coach Duggerton at Tennessee

Absolutely Nobody:

Definitely Not Big Cat:

Me: Here let me be a part of Duggs coaching career

Not that Big Cat needs my help coming up with names for his players. Ricky Squeaks was an all-time name. But I love coming up with names as well, so I put together a list. Big Cat please feel free to take any of these names. I will not be asking for credit.


  • John Michael Cannons
  • Young-Soo Zhu (consider an Asian quarterback, Young-Soo means “keeping the prosperity”)
  • Orlando Chance (chance because you like to take chances downfield, sorry if this offends)
  • Spinner McCoy
  • Rebel Tyson
  • Cosmo Fox

Running Backs

  • Shifty Washington
  • Joker Smith
  • Danger McDaniels
  • Xzavian Scamper
  • Truck Sanders
  • Tractor Adams
  • Ladarius Fry

Wide Receiver

  • Apollo Jetson
  • Speedy Gasser
  • Quintavious Post
  • Lebron Obawalu
  • Yoshi Moss
  • Lazero Rice
  • Da’le Abreu (Pronounced Da-lay)
  • Bobby Adalay

Tight End

  • Tyler O’Day (sending Tyler O’Day on seam routes to get blown up by safeties seems fun to me)
  • Keyshawn Gronkowski (Gronkowskis estranged half black son)
  • Kelly Van Vorhis
  • Boomer Grabowski
  • Jamie McNalley


  • Blake Sokowski
  • Kala Kahuna
  • Augustus Pluggs
  • Jax McFadden
  • Boris Pepperfield
  • Laser James
  • Thelonious Steele

Defensive Back

  • Baker Drapes
  • Ace King
  • John Rich (I started 2 years in middle school, ask Timberstone about Rich Island)
  • Smash Jackson
  • Tito Torpedo
  • Ace Wilder
  • Shady Nightingale

Defensive Lineman

  • DeMarco Crash
  • Cornelius Toledo (an homage to your former school)
  • White Freeney (Dwight Freeney but white)
  • Montgomery Biggs
  • Glacier Young
  • Harley Tonka

Offensive Lineman

  • Huck Mingus
  • Bubba Cornwall
  • Iggy Mountain
  • Beef Peterson
  • Booker Smalls
  • Moose Magowan

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