Waiting for the Masters to start? WatchESPN has you covered

Since Jim Nantz won’t be blessing us with his Masters coverage until 12pm Pacific Time today (you do that math for once), you might find yourself pretty bored until then. NOT TO WORRY: WatchESPN has a FIRE lineup of events that will take you right up to tee off. So pour yourself a bowl of Rice Chex and enjoy.

Duke Football Spring Game (7am PT)


First off, I’m sorry I’m an hour late with this. So sorry if you only catch the second half. If watching Duke play anything doesn’t make you want to scratch your eyes out, this spring game should be right up your alley. No contact? No clock? No scoreboard? Possible Coach K + Greyson Allen/Ted Cruz cameo? Yeet.

Rugby – Exeter Chiefs vs. Wasps (7:15am PT)


LOOK AT THOSE GAME FACES! If the Exeter Chiefs can’t peak your interests until the Masters tee-off, then I don’t know what will. I mean would you just look at those faces? Those defined brows? Please. What class. What grace. Not to mention, the Exeter Chiefs have been on a fierce run ever since they threw a blue helmet on Sloth from the Goonies.

High School Cheerleading Championship – Division 1 (8am PT)


I’m pretty sure Googling High School Cheerleader pictures gets you on a list somewhere, so here are some different colors of megaphones. It’s likely you’ll see some of these very same colors today at Cheerleader Nattys. Honestly tho, getting walked in on watching the High School Cheerleading Championship is WAY worse than getting walked in on watching porn. There’s no way to explain your way out of that one. Maybe this is a hard pass. Unless your in high school still. In which case I would highly recommend.

Video Gaming – Heroes of the Dorm: Championship Preview (8:30am PT)


And you thought the Exeter Chiefs had good game faces? I haven’t seen this much fist pump energy in a still photograph since Tiger Woods. Now I believe this is Cal-Berkeley, last year’s National Champions. But don’t get too excited, today is only the preview show. I mean, you didn’t think the ACTUAL championship would be on Watch ESPN did you? No no no, this right here is network television status. Once Jim Nantz and CBS are done with the Masters, they’ll be on the call for ‘Video Gaming – Heroes of the Dorm’ no doubt.

NCAA Women’s Lacrosse – Manhattan vs. Canisius (9:00am PT)


How much money would you pay for your team to win the World Series? College Football National Championship? How about the Women’s Lacrosse National Championship? I’d put the the line at +4.5 figures. I don’t know if I would drop 10 stacks, but I know if I passed up the opportunity, I’d be kicking myself on my death bed.

Have a GREAT day folks.

John Rich

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