Farewell to the Lady Ruthelen Hostel

In my last blog I discussed the Randy Marsh PF Chang’s sized piece of shit who stuck me with a +$200 parking ticket and fled town. But I’d like to give a final farewell to the Lady Ruthelen Hostel. I’m finally moving in to an apartment in Silver Lake, which is 100x nicer than South Central. It hasn’t all been all bad in the hood tho. I’ve certainly learned a lot. And I’ve certainly met some characters. I’ve seen LA ruin people, and I’ve seen people make some real impressive moves out here. One thing that’s for sure, the hostel never had me bored. Here’s some images of Lady Ruthelen.

Hell of a place to call home for 4 months of my life. Anywhere between 10 and 30 people share this space at a time. But that’s what is was. A great cheap place to get started. Here’s a brief tour of my bedroom as well.

P.S. Don’t mind the Fake John Rich profile. It was the easiest way for me to put a video up here without posting it to my actual Twitter account first.

Gotta take a moment to say farewell to my homegirl Trice. Best drinking buddy I could have asked for. One of the few people here I’d go outta my way to help. Most other people I’ll pretend don’t exist now I’m getting outta here, but Trice is one cool motherfucker. Girl ALWAYS had my back. Can’t wait til we’re rollin together up in the hills someday T.


I learned a lot of things living here too. I learned that Europen’s love spliffs. My German roommate would literally refuse to take a hit of weed unless there was tobacco mixed in. That’s weird right? German guy was pretty cool tho. Except he made a lot of mean jokes about Jewish people tho. I figured that all of Germany wouldn’t touch Jewish jokes with a 10 foot pole.. cause ya know… there’s a stigma there. But dude had no fear, and I can appreciate that much I guess. I mean he certainly would have been a Nazi in a past life. But he lives in progressive LA now, so we’ll see what happens.

I also learned that you don’t get much tang when you sleep in a bunk bed, but when you do it requires good balance. Especially on the top bunk. Cause that shit gets a rockin, and the beds are Ikea quality at best. However, if you’re lucky enough to get a bottom bunk, and you’re trying to get lucky, you can simply build a killer blanket fort and you’re totally private. Sheets are sound proof right? Just try to keep the ladies away from this sexual paradise… It’s nearly impossible.


It wasn’t all fun and games and blanket fort sex tho. Tensions would get high sometimes. Just look at this series of videos from a particularly hostile night at Lady Ruthelen (PUN INTENDED).

Starts out by us being threatened with rape here in the first couple videos…

Now I believe we’re begin accused of stealing something in this next one. Can’t be sure tho. You be the judge…

He does make a sound point — “If you can’t prove shit, is it gone?”… Think about it….

P.S. — fatty with the dreads is the P.O.S. who stuck me with the parking ticket 

Then to conclude his tirade, kid brings it full circle and sticks the landing Shawn Johnson style by wishing an ISIS death on the entire house. 10 out of 10 my friend. Gold medal for you. USA! USA! USA!

Obviously I’m roasting the kid on this blog. But to be fair, I really do like the guy. He isn’t normal. And I’d rather someone be an entertaining train-wreck than a boring regular person.

So farewell to you Lady Ruthelen Hostel. It was definitely an experience. You had shitty breakfast, and hella cockroaches. But you had free WiFi, and gave me a roof to sleep under every night. But most importantly, you brought and endless stream of interesting people into my life, and introduced me to a part of the country, and a way of life that I never would have learned about otherwise. I’ll be forever thankful for that. No two days were the same, and things were never boring — that’s all I’m looking for in life right now. Dueces.


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