Chance the Rapper is Nailing the Chance 3 Promotion

Here are the facts

Chance announced that he wants to ‘Make Music Free’ for the people.

Chance cancelled a show he was supposed to play last at a place called ‘Terminal 5’.

Chance is hospitalized for pneumonia.

Chance’s new album, ‘Chance 3’ drops this Friday, May 13th.

I hope Chance is okay. He’s super young and makes amazing music, but he lives a pretty crazy lifestyle I think, so it’s always concerning when you see something like this.

What I’m really hoping is that Chance the Rapper is going to extreme lengths to hype his album – as is tradition nowadays (i.e. Beyonce – Lemonade/Kanye -TLOP). Is it possible that Chance is going to pull off a fake near-death then back to life pre-mixtape drop??? It’s only 3 days until Chance 3 comes out. Would that not be the pinnacle of music hyping? I’m pretty sure Kanye is somehow involved with the album, so it’d be foolish to act like this isn’t a possibility.

I hope for his sake that’s what’s happening, because if so, he is NAILING this promotion. I’m curious to see how this plays out. Whether he for real has pneumonia or not, how far he can take it, etc. In today’s world, I don’t even think people would be mad if he did fake it. As long as it’s done with some pageantry I think people would just be impressed with the effort, and appreciate the fact that it’s all for entertainment. But most of all I just hope he’s okay, because this would be a really shitty time for him to get sick otherwise.

Get well soon Chance. Keep doin your thing. Can’t wait for the free music.

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