Speed Rankings: Sportscenter Commercials

Speed Rankings time folks. Speed and Determination is the key. Speed has A LOT to do with it. People forget that sometimes. Sportscenter kinda blows D’s nowadays, but their commercials have always been on point. Here we go.

John Clayton – Pretty sure all of America agrees that this is the by far and away the best Sportscenter Commercial. They have a lot of great ones. But John Clayton as a heavy metal dude who lives & does segments from his parents house is so hilarious.


Oregon Ducks Mascot – I’ve always said this was one of my favorite commercials. Doesn’t even have any words. So simple but so good at the same time.


David Ortiz/Yankess Hat – Everything that Big Papi touches instantly turns to gold. As a sometimes Red Sox fan (whenever they make the playoffs) I’m truly gonna miss this guy when he retires at the end of this year. If he leads the Sox to a World Series this year that would be magical.


WKU Mascot/Bathroom – I especially LOVE this commercial right now, simply because it would TOTALLY not fly in today’s America. Seriously… the transgender community would freak the fuck out if they aired this on TV tomorrow. I will say this tho – If they did air it, and replaced “the woods out back” with “Target” it would be a hell of a joke.


Ovechkin/Bobrovsky Russian Spy Commercial – This also would probably not be cool today. Russia is a bit of a dangerous subject I think. I wonder how Putin feels about this.


Steve Irwin/Florida Gators Mascot – Australians who are very Australian are hilarious, and Steve Irwin is VERY Australian. RIP btw.


Antonio Brown/Reception Desk – I’m not sure if this is a great commercial or if Antonio Brown is super likeable because he’s been crushing for my fantasy team(s) for mulitple years now, and looks like the Lego Man. Great word play tho. Plus I had to work some #MACtion into this blog.


Bird Mascots Running Into Glass – Speaking of #MACtion. BGSU’s Freddie and Frieda totally should have been in this commercial. I mean, the Temple Owl is in this one. BGSU has great mascots. They should have at least have been in the background of a Sportscenter commercial by now.



Brothers Manning/Sportscenter Tour – The Manning family sure knows how to make a good commercial. This was one of the first great ones tho. Peyton & Eli fighting and giving each other wet willys is gold.


Honorable Mentions (because there’s so many great ones, and whenver I put too many videos into a blog my computer nearly explodes because it’s a POS)



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