Dear BGSU: Fire Mike Jinks. Hire Les Miles.


Our time has come. The Bowling Green Falcons have been a solid top tier MAC program for several years now. It’s been great. It’s been fun. But we deserve more. Bowling Green is a fantastic community that loves to go #TalonsUp for their Falcons — But beating the piss out of Northern Illinois & shaving points in your bowl games just isn’t good enough anymore. If WE (Bowing Green State University) ever wants to make the next step and gain some real college football respect, we must act now. We must fire Mike Jinks. WE MUST DEMAND THE HIRING OF LES MILES.

Les Miles was fired from LSU today. The Bowling Green Falcons lost 77-3 yesterday. These are facts. I shouldn’t even need to keep typing. The facts speak for themselves. Sabermetrics will tell you that BGSU will be better with Les Miles. Some of you might be thinking, “Les Miles is a top tier college football coach, he has bigger aspirations than coaching Bowling Green”. Well you’re fucking wrong. Les Miles and Bowling Green are the perfect fit for each other. You think Les isn’t sick of the stress that comes with coaching an SEC football team? That must be a nightmare. I’m sure he’s tired. And I’m sure he’s welcoming this break from football. But he’ll need work eventually. You can’t buy grass with food stamps. Les doesn’t want to go back to the SEC. Les wants to be closer to his hometown (Elyria, Ohio). Les needs some #MACtion in his life. This is a real life possibility and you should take this very seriously.

Everyone do your part. Go onto social media. #FireJinks #HireLes. Don’t be scared. Jinks won’t get his feelings hurt. I’m sure he’s fully aware that he sucks. WE LOST 77-3. MEMPHIS HIT THE OVER BY THEMSELVES. #FireJinks #HireLes. Go to the SEBO Center. Make signs and hold #FireJinks #HireLes protests. Stand in the oval. Go dicks out for Les Miles. The stars have aligned. This is our time. We know we’re falcon awesome, and it’s time we let the world know.

#TalonsUp #RollAlong #AyZiggyZoomba #FireJinks #HireLes

4 thoughts on “Dear BGSU: Fire Mike Jinks. Hire Les Miles.

    1. Would have to REALLLY convince Les on the whole hometown angle lol. You’re right tho, either way Jinks isn’t a good enough offensive coach to make up for having no defense like Babers was


  1. Falcons in South Carolina knew after the OSU game Jinks was not a quality coach. A team which has had the successes in the MAC that BG has had shouldn’t fall backward like this! Fire Jinks and hire a quality coach.

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