The Bill Burr Philly Rant is the Best Moment in Stand-up Comedy imho

I really don’t know if this rant is widely known about, but I don’t think it is. Personally, Bill Burr is my favorite comic of all time. If you’ve never seen him, he’s got at least 3 specials on Netflix. Fucking hilarious. He’s a god damn genius.

The Bill Burr Philly Rant has gotta be favorite moment in stand up comedy history. Only thing that rivals it is Richard Pryors Live At The Sunset Strip after he nearly died from lighting himself on fire while smoking crack. Both moments are powerful as fuck. But the Philly Rant takes the cake. Bill Burr was performing in Philadelphia on an Opie & Anthony tour doing a show with multiple other professional comics. Several comics had gone up before him on this night, and ALL of them had gotten booed off the stage. When Bill Burr goes up, he starts out with his regular set, but like 30 seconds in he realizes the crowd is full of shitty block head Philly people who are just gonna yell vulgarities at him… and then magic happens. He literally takes a crowd of multiple thousands of people who want nothing more than to humilate him off of the stage, and gets them on his side by berating the hell of out them. Legend Status. Enjoy.


The Philly rant is the best. But maybe even more than the rant itself, I love when Bill Burr and his comic friends talk about the rant. Especially this converstaion between him and Jim Norton. Really goes to show how great Bill Burr is and how much he’s respected by his peers.


This discussion between Joe Rogan and Opie himself is maybe even better. Enjoy further.

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