INTRODUCING’s Texas Correspondent – Baby Face Hayes

Baby Face Hayes and I met in Fort Worth, Texas before I bailed on a very nice high paying job and moved to a hostel in South Central (according to my snap chat filter) Los Angeles. I I first met Baby Face Hayes at a cigar shop… we proceeded to get obliterated and kicked out of a bowling alley that very night. Did one thing lead to another? Hard to say. But, I sure fucking hope so. Cause typing this shit with a plastic Coca-Cola bottle half full of Kessler is so much better than slinging office trailers. It’s also far more sustainable. I woud share more memories but they don’t exist because we aren’t pussies and can drink like gentlemen.

Baby Face Hayes is from Houston, Texas, and attended Baylor University back in the RG3 days. In 2012 Baby Face Hayes aquired a dog from the streetz and named it Griff (after Robert Griffin).





Last year, he acquired another dog and named him Art… after Art Briles.







Say what you will about Baby Face Hayes, but you can’t say the man doesn’t know how to properly name a dog #SicEm. Especially in hindsight #SicEm #Baylor #Bears . Baby Face Hayes has a lot of talent. High potential. High awareness. High tolerance. Etc. Would be a 91 OVR in FIFA. I’m fuckin pumped to have him on this blog. Sources say he is capable of pumping out 17 posts per week. Stay more tuned that usual.

P.S. Rumor has it Baby Face Hayes will be dropping a #HotTake any minute now

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