Street Dogz Fight of the Week ft. Baby Face Hayes (Week 6)

Some might say that two College Football pick’em blogs in one week is too much. I strongly disagree. They don’t want us to do two College Football pick blogs. So we’re gonna do two College Football pick blogs. But these aren’t your ordinary College Football picks. This is a God Damn war between a couple Real Dogz of the Streetz. Baby Face Hayes thinks that his dog Griffin is the real street dog, but I beg to differ (although the streetz of Waco do sound pretty troubling right now). But JohnRichTV’s dog Dock came straight off the mean streets of south Fort Worth. He’s hard as fuck. Lord knows the shit he’s seen. But how can we really decide who is the real Michael Vick street dog? A College Football Pick’em contest is the only way. Dock and Griff have picked against each other in the 25 biggest college football games of the weekend. Each pooch has 50 Bones to distribute among their winners each week (depending on how confident the dogs are with each of their picks).

John’s Street Dog Dock (left) / Baby Face Hayes Street Dog Griff (right)

Who is the real street dog? We’ll have a true answer by the end of the season. The picks are officially in… LET’S GO.


Griff – Clemson (5 Bones) / Dock – Boston College (1 Bone)


If Griff went to an ACC school, it would be Clemson


Dock – Boise State (5 Bones) / Griff – New Mexico (1 Bone)

Dock is rollin’ in the Bones with Boise State. Dicks out for the Broncos. 

Griff – LSU (1 Bone) / Dock – Florida (1 Bone)



Hurricane Matty may hold this one up. On top of that, although they haven’t faired well in the past, Louisiana does have the experience against hurricanes. And Death Valley is the future home of ex-Baylor coach Goat Briles. Griff Geauxs with the Tigers.

Dock – Oklahoma (1 Bone) / Griff – Texas (1 Bone)

Dock slows his roll a bit for Oklahoma, because this game is a toss up

Griff – Navy (4 Bones) HOT TAKE X3 / Dock – Houston (6 Bones)

Dock and Griff each get 1 Hot Take per week. Hot Takes are when Street Dogz pick unranked teams to beat ranked teams. Hot Takes are worth triple the bones



Houston is a hot team, and the Group of 5’s only shot at a playoff. However, Griffin has a #HotTake on Navy with the upset. Griffin spends a considerable amount of time in Houston over the holidays with his grandparents, but a Labrador Retriever cannot pick against one of the Armed Forces. America.

Dock – Indiana (2 Bones) HOT TAKE x3 /  Griff – Ohio State (5 Bones)

Dock smells an upset. Dock loves the Hoosiers. Loves to visit his cousins in Indiana. They just beat Michigan State, so now they have an Old Brass Spittoon in their locker room. And you know Ohio State is scared because they made a hype video for this game. I-U!


Griff – Texas A&M (2 Bones) / Dock – Tennessee (1 Bone) 



We don’t take too kindly to Aggies around here, but they are good this year, and can’t be bet against. That being said, Griffin would be more than happy to lose a couple bones for an Aggie loss.

Dock – North Carolina (2 Bones) / Griff – Virginia Tech (1 Bone)

Dock contemplates life, family, the pursuit of happiness, and whether or not the Tar Heels can make a run at the playoffs. He thinks yes.

Griff – USC (1 Bone) / Dock – Colorado (1 Bone)



This pitcher is for Sark. Pour one out.

Dock – Alabama (4 Bones) / Griff – Arkansas (1 Bone)

Dock is tired of Alabama being good, but can’t pick against them this week. 

Griff – Michigan (6 Bones) / Dock – Rutgers (1 Bone)



Griffin used to be friends with some Waco Street Wolverines, and he’s gonna support his old squad. He’s got a hefty 6 bones on this one. Don’t screw this up Harbaugh.

Dock – Washington (2 Bones) / Griff – Oregon (1 Bone)

Dock gives a gentleman’s woof for 2 Bones to his fellow Husky Dogs in Washington

Griff – Florida State (2 Bones) / Dock – Miami (1 Bone)



Although Hurricane Matty is in full force, G-Unit declares Hurricane season is over. The U will never be good again. Miami will lose this one on a field goal #WideRight

Dock – Utah (3 Bones) / Griff – Arizona (1 Bone)

Dock on a dock risks 3 crucial Bones. Utah beats Arizona.

Griff – Stanford (5 Bones) / Dock – Washington State (1 Bone)



Griff is far too smart to pick against fellow scholars. He’s been on the executive board of a fraternity. 5 big ones for our future bosses.

Dock – Auburn (1 Bone) / Griff – Mississippi State (1 Bone)

Dock can’t even with this game. The SEC is #trash this year. Dock hates to pick against bulldogs. Some of his best friends are bulldogs. Fuck what has he done… 


Griff – Kansas (1 Bone) / Dock – TCU (5 Bones)

Are you ready for the largest caption in the history of captions?

Now this was easily Griffin’s worst pick, but goddamnit I respect it. After being picked up off the streets of Waco, Griffin’s home became the quaint Baylor campus (despite what you’ve heard). It’s no secret that the Bears and Frogs despise each other. He tailgated the 61-58 Top 10 Battle but got too shitfaced and they wouldn’t let him in. That, or he’s a dog. Once dad graduated the superior Big XII private school, he got a job in Fort Worth and they were forced into Frog country. They even live with a Kansas Jay Hawk rock-climbing yuppie named Gussels. Although Fort Worth is his new home, Griffin will shit or piss on the driveway of any TCU squidward that gives him the wrong look. #FuckTheFrogs, you will never see Griff pick them, even when they are playing a team that hasn’t won a conference game since 2008.

Dock – Minnesota (1 Bone) / Griff – Iowa (1 Bones)

Yet another toss up for Dock. He nearly passes out trying to decide. But being a street dog, Dock fucking hates Hawks. They a small street dog’z worst enemy. Gopher’s on the other hand have always been friendly to Dock. Minnesota for the Bone.

Griff – Penn State (1 Bone) / Dock – Maryland (1 Bone)



Go Lions. Art Briles was railroaded and used as a scape goat, similarly to Joe Paterno. Wait a second…. #JoePaDidntKnow

Dock – BGSU (3 Bones) / Griff – Ohio (1 Bone)

Dock know’s who butters his bread.. it’s his owner who went to BGSU and is about to graduate 3 semesters after he finished his final classes… well actually it’s his owner’s parents, because his owner is making responsible choices in Los Angeles right now. He’s thinking about you too Dock. And he’s definitely not about to cry right now as he types this. #RollAlong #TalonsUp #AyZiggyZoomba #FireJinks #HireLes



Griff – Oklahoma State (2 Bones) / Dock – Iowa State (1 Bone)



Anything can happen in Ames as Iowa State has proved time and time again. This is in Stillwater though. 2 Bones Okie State.

Dock – Michigan State (2 Bones) / Griff – BYU (2 Bones)

Dock is more than happy to take Michigan State to beat the BYU Cougars. His owner is definitely not officially crying like a child right now.

Griff – Army (2 Bones) / Dock – Duke (1 Bone)



Again – Griffin is far too American of a dog to pick against Army. And this picture had to be shared again. America. 

Dock – Kansas State (2 Bones) / Griff – Texas Tech (1 Bone)

Dock reaches for 2 Bones in this Big 12 match-up. Kansas State wins outright.


Griff – Arizona State (1 Bone) / Dock – UCLA (1 Bones)


Toss up, but Griff went with the school with hotter chicks, lower IQ’s, and higher STD count. Dicks out.


Total Bone count will be published after this weekends games. Griffin picks authored by Baby Face Hayes. Dock picks authored by John Rich. H/T to my brother for most of the Dock pics. Also… don’t forget the Street Dogz namesakes.











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