The Problem With Coach Duggerton

This weeks college football season came to an end last night. The Texas Longhorns reign supreme as the #1 team in the land. It was an incredible year for the Longhorns. They played football the right way. Those kids should be proud. Texas is undeniably BACK!

Unfortunately, you would barely know this from reading the papers. Why? Because there’s a far more polarizing coach in Tallahassee. He goononoes by the name of Gus Duggerton, but you might know him as Coach Duggs.

coach duggs sports illustrated

The earth trembles beneath the feet of Gus Duggerton with each step he takes up and down the Florida State sideline. A single tin of Skoal Berry sits squarely in his front left pocket, and thick brown dip spit stains the freshly painted sideline at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Duggerton is repulsive to look at. Sweat pours out of every orifice on his body. It looks like he might have peed his pants. But Gus Duggerton doesn’t give a shit what you think. He’s going to do what he wants, and what he wants to do is win the Fiesta Bowl.

Despite merely being an Offensive Coordinator, Duggerton has captivated the nation. With his aggressive play calling, a pompous attitude, and questionable ethics, he’s become the hottest name in coaching.

The world watched on Friday night as Florida State defeated the UConn Huskies in a Fiesta Bowl for the ages.

It is clear that Duggerton has some offensive coaching chops. The numbers don’t lie. In his first year as Offensive Coordinator for the University of Toledo, he lead the Rockets to a 12 win season, and the 3rd ranked offense in the nation. This year, with the help of Heisman Winner Cam Banks, and future NFL Hall of Famer Jameis Winston, the Florida State Seminoles were a force to be reckoned with.

But despite what Coach Duggerton would like you to believe, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in Tallahassee this year. The biased media is quick to forget the embarrassing shit pounding he endured at the hands of Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship. A game that if won would have had Florida State playing for the national title. There are whispers around college football that Duggerton has the national media in his back pocket, as he is seemingly able to control his own narrative at will.

Duggerton would like you to forget that he is often quick to abandon the run, in favor of flashy “look-at-me” play calls. He would rather hit the home run pass than pound the rock with the best running back in the nation. He runs his patented “Touchdown Play” that ironically results in an interception more often than not. This reckless and irresponsible play calling was on full display in the biggest moment of Duggerton’s coaching career.

But Duggerton’s questionably aggressive coaching tactics are far from his biggest issue. Some things are bigger than sports. It’s easy to forget that these are kids out there, and Duggerton certainly doesn’t care about them. He will tell you that it’s “about the kids”, but his actions do not reflect that one bit.

Prior to the Fiesta Bowl, Heisman winner Cam Banks had a decision to make. Should he play one last game with the boys, and help lead them to victory over the 9-3 Big East Champion UConn Huskies? Or should he do what is best for his future and sit out to prepare for the NFL Draft. Cam Banks made his decision, but Duggerton was having none of it.

cam banks text
Leaked text messages between Duggerton and Banks

Forget the fact that this is highly illegal, and the NCAA appears to be willing to turn a blind eye to these tactics. It is painfully obvious that Duggerton cares about winning more than he does about his own players well-being.

And what happened next? Cam Banks got injured (not hurt). He was knocked out of the game with an ankle that will drastically affect his draft stock. Cam Banks – destined to be the next Marcus Lattimore. A promising NFL career flushed down the toilet. But did Duggerton thank his best player for sacrificing his body for the team? He certainly did not.

Duggerton was demonstrative on the sideline. He was overheard slandering Cam Banks all throughout the game.

“Cam Banks, get back in the fucking game you pussy!”

“Your team needs you, I don’t care if you’re going pro. I DON’T CARE”

“I gave so much money to Cam Banks under the table, just for him to do this”

This is the type of culture that Duggerton fostered at Florida State. But nobody seems to mind. The Seminoles won the Fiesta Bowl, but at what cost?

This is just one example of Duggerton’s long history of throwing his players under the bus, then reversing the bus back over them just so he can run them over one more time. Following his embarrassing coaching performance against Georgia Tech, disturbing footage leaked of Coach Duggerton blaming star quarterback Jameis Winston for the loss.


Once he’s done with his players, Duggerton is on to the next opportunity. All that matters is what’s best for Duggs.

“I don’t care about the recruits, I’m out of here after this. I’m leaving FSU.”

This is not the first time Coach Duggerton has left his team high and dry after a promising season. Following his first season at Toledo where he lead the Rockets to a New Year’s 6 Bowl, Duggerton left for greener pastures without a second thought.

coach duggs toledo letter
Coach Duggerton’s infamous resignation letter from the University of Toledo

Me, me, me. I, I, I. Everything Duggerton does is about HIMSELF.

All that being said, Coach Duggerton is poised to land his first head coaching job going into next season. He wasted little time getting out of Tallahassee. He was photographed leaving the premises earlier this morning.

Where will Coach Duggs end up next? It’s anyone’s guess. He’s been quiet about what exactly his next move will be. Wherever he goes, I hope they don’t get too attached. One thing we can be sure of is if he has a good year, he’ll be on to the next once again.

Is this the future of coaching in college football? Is this the man that we all love and admire? Maybe Duggerton will eventually grow up and change his ways, but so far it has been an embarrassing display.








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