I Have Run Out Of Things To Write About

One thing that sucks about starting a blog during a national pandemic is that there is literally nothing going on. Especially because I like to write about sports. The only thing I don’t like about blogging is having to come up with new ideas. Once I have an idea it’s a blast. Getting the idea is the challenging part.

That being said, if anyone has an idea please let me know.

Also, writing just sucks sometimes. It takes time. I love doing it, but it still sucks to have to have to use your brain. Sometimes I would rather watch The Wire for the 100th time, or try to chip a golf ball into a small glass jug.


I had planned on spending this evening watching the Big Short and making some reckless investments. However I started feeling bad about myself because I haven’t wrote anything in a while, so I’m just going to vomit up some random thoughts onto this web page and call it a blog.

The Michael Jordan documentary is hot in the streets right now. I suppose I could write about that cheese eyed fuck. People talk about how tough the NBA was back in the 90’s, but Michael Jordan is holding a 30 year grudge against Isiah Thomas because he didn’t display good sportsmanship after a loss. Seems pretty soft to me.

Side Note: Scottie Pippen’s face is extremely long. He’s got a weird face. Here are some other weird face basketball players.

sam cassell
Sam Cassell
joakim noah
Joakim Noah
gheorge muresan
Gheorge Muresan
chris bosh
Chris Bosh
adam morrison 2
Adam Morrison
shelden williams
Shelden Williams


Something else I like to do to keep entertained during quarantine is try on new outfits. It’s fun to dress like a completely different person. I’ll then make a trip to the bodega down the street, or go for a walk in the park to give my new outfit a test run. I recently came across a pair of fake glasses, and have been trying out my newest persona Glasses John.

Glasses John is smarter, classier, and has much more confidence than regular John because the glasses help hide the bags under my eyes.

glasses john
Glasses John – forwards, backwards, and no hat


Question: I am 28 years old – is it too late in my life to get a sleeve tattoo? Sometimes fancy new outfits aren’t enough. I want a sleeve tattoo so bad. I think I could pull it off, but I’m afraid I’m too old to just show up one day with a full sleeve. Who do I think I am? I’ve always thought roses were kind of cool. Let me know your thoughts.

See the source image


Has anybody gone outside with a mask yet? I hadn’t until the other day, but as soon as I did I immediately began viewing people without masks as detriments to society. I looked down on so many people at Giant Eagle today. Shame on them. They simply don’t care about others as much as us mask wearers do. It is a great way to make yourself feel better than other people.

mask john unavailable



Zoom meeting happy hours are kind of terrible. I enjoy them while they’re happening, but then everyone hangs up, and you’re just sitting there drunk and alone with nothing to do.

I thought about getting back into the weed game, but that didn’t work out. Turns out if you go a really long time without smoking weed then get super baked during a national pandemic, things get really fucking scary. I spent the better part of 3 hours having a panic attack alone in my room convinced I was going to die. It was a bad time.

I have reached the point where I’m jealous of people who got laid off because doing nothing and collecting unemployment looks kind of awesome. People are making so much fucking money off unemployment. I always knew it was a thing, but I never really knew how it worked. Turns out you can just fill out a form and the government gives you thousands of dollars. Crazy town.

Did anybody else see Cliff Kingsbury’s house during the NFL Draft last weekend? Crazy house. Weird place for a fire though. What are you supposed to do with that? There are no chairs around it. It would be an awesome yard for playing backyard sports if there weren’t flames in the middle. Do you think he has sex on his outdoor bed? That’d be pretty cool.

cliff kingsbury dildo
Cliff Kingsbury’s House


Ok that’s all I got for today. I will try to think of actual ideas moving forward. Also, if anyone else feels like writing something but you don’t know where to post it – JohnRichTV.com is always accepting submissions. I will pay you sooo much money.



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